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What is Numerology? and its Free Reports

In simple words, science behind each number is called Numerology.

It is nothing less than the method of Character Analysis, from which we can get answers of all our questions about it. To find out the power of numerology, you have to use the date of birth.

Many of the science scientists have tried to use it to make it better, many prominent and important people, politicians, movie stars, industrialists etc. In order to balance the numerical change in their name, they make necessary changes in their names.

With the help of Numerology, it becomes easy to determine the personality, strengths, weaknesses, talents, emotions, as well as follow the pattern of the monthly and annual cycles of development, help in solving obstacles, ways of dealing with issues etc. It helps in planning your future and playing a more active role in life.

What is Mireclenumbers?

Mireclenumbers is a android and IOS application that is based on Numerology. This app is used to calculate whole Numerology Theory which is very useful to all for the better future.

Do you know how your name affects your life?

The spelling of the name has the power of the vibration, The power of these vibration can be positive for you or can be negative it depends on your date of birth.
Every number and alphabet is connected to each planet and the effect of that planet is on us or on our life.
It is very important to have the name of positive vibrations for our successful life.
If the name spelling of your names is negative, Then your name creates a struggle in your life.
Mireclenumbers help us to know the vibration between date of birth and name number how they match with each other and effect your life positively or negatively..

What is Numerology?

How does it work?

Each number has a ruler planet as well as own vibration,(For deep to know What is Numerology? download free report)

Each number has its vibrations along with the ruler planet.
Number1 - Contains the properties of the Sun
Number2- keeps the properties of the moon
Number3- Jupiter has properties
Number4- Affiliate with Rahu
Number5- Associate with Mercury
Number6-Associated with Venus
Number7-Affiliate with Ketu
Number8- Associated with Saturn
Number9- Properties of Mars
Like numbers, even alphabet vibrations also catch.
Even alphabets are closely related to the brightness of each planet.

Everything in the universe has its own effect and vibration.

Everything vibrated at its depiction frequency. To seize the energy and quality associated with any person or object, you have to match that particular object and person with frequency and vibration.
Using the numerical principles and the name as well as the birth date, you can determine the major frequencies of different people. Numerical analysis can serve anyone with important information about someone's personality and character.

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