Your personal name decides your personal success

What is Mirecle Numbers?

  • Your birthdate gives you a unique number that says a lot about who you are and how can best nourish yourself in your space.
  • Numerology is the study of the numbers of the secret or supernatural means of numbers and their impact on human life. Numerologist studies the effect of your life number based on your birth date and your full name.
  • Numerology is most successful and used for making or adjusting names of individuals or companies. Many filmstars, politicians, industrialist, production houses, people, etc. Have changed their names based on this art.
  • Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person personality, strengths and talents, obstacles to overcome, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. By following the patterns of monthly and yearly cycles of growth, numerology helps to plan your future and to take more active role in life.
  • Everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. By finding the vibration rate of any object, you can establish the qualities and energies associated with it. By applying the principles of numerology and using only the name and birth date as the basic data you can determine the major frequencies of different people. A numerological analysis of the calculated frequencies provides significant information on a person personalities and character.

What numerology can do for me?

  • Numerology can reveal the hidden aspects of your destiny. Your relationship with your career, health, family life and others can be predicted. You will know a lot about your own, your likes and dislikes, your positive and negative characteristics. A better understanding of your friends, lovers, family members and their relationship with you.

Is Numerology a Science or Just a Belief?

  • Numerology is a perfect science and can also be called an extension of Astrology. It is a Science of Vibrations, Expressed through Numbers. Through the Name you send and Receive Vibrations.

I do not like my name, Can I change It.?

  • YES, definitely, if u does not like your name, this means there are certain negative vibrations in your name therefore changing your name or just a few alphabets as per numerology will definitely be helpful.

What is destiny number?

  • Your destiny number will give you an indication of your life’s purpose and warn you about the challenges and obstacles that may come your way. Your destiny number symbolises the opportunities you have at your disposal.

What is Psychic Number?

  • Psychic number-The psychic number in Vedic Numerology tells the way you look at yourself. It defines your basic characteristics. It reveals what you want to be in life or about the talents you have within you which you have come with this earth.

How does it work?

  • The numbers have vibration. Each number has a ruler planet and the number symbolizes the properties of the planets. The number 1 planet holds the properties of the sun. Similarly number 2 resounds with Moon, 3 with Jupiter, 4 with Rahu, 5 with Mercury, 6 with Venus, 7 with Ketu, 8 with Saturn and 9 with Mars. Similarly, every alphabet of A to Z vibration occurs. The Sun has a vibration and hence the value is 1. 1. In B., the Moon vibrates and takes the value 2. Similarly, each alphabet resonates with a particular planet and has numerical value and its characteristics.

Why is it important to know numerology?

  • Most people do not know that their name vibrates to a planet or zodiac sign that is either lucky, or unlucky, for them. Individuals do not realize that a name could hold them back from success. The majority of people do not know that their name could be, or could not be, compatible with a loved one. Individuals who use various names, such as a Christian name and nickname, do not know they are vibrating to mixed vibrations which can be lucky, or unlucky, for them.

How name number effect our personal life?

  • Name Numerology is important for permanent success.it is very simple to calculate and help to remove obstacles to your success and happiness. A good name number gives the native long lasting success. Generally seen, that if the psychic, destiny and name number are compatible with each other, the quality of life of the native is excellent.

How can I benefit from numerology?

  • Everyone has a psychic number, destiny number and expression number. These three numbers make planets a symbol of control over a person. Although you can not change your birth number, but you can change your expression number by adding or removing some characters in your name. Numerology guides you in lucky numbers to change your name so that you can make a lucky future. It insists you to do important tasks on the lucky dates so that success is guaranteed. Keeping lucky numbers for your home, phone number, vehicle number, etc. can be the best advantage for the level. Changing the name will surely bring happiness and fate in your life.

How can I choose lucky names?

  • All nine numbers that represent nine planets form a mutual relationship between friends, enemies and parallel. Psychic and Destiny numbers control the entire life of a person to a greater extent. Your fate or failure depends on how well your expression number resounds with your mental and destiny numbers. You can reduce the ill effects and choose the right name to increase the destructive factor in our birth number. The expression number you choose should not be an enemy number for your psychic and destiny number. If your name is a friendly number for your psychic and destiny number then luck increases in multiples.

Do you want to know whether your name is lucky for you or not?

  • You need to check consistency between your name and date of birth. If someone has conflicting numbers between main destiny numbers and expression numbers, then the native may have to face misfortune and burden in life. It is not possible to change the date of birth, but name changes may be possible to remove the conflict.

Should you change name officially ?

  • Lot of people who have come to me for name change, often have this question as a fear. The fear of going through all the legal formalities again. Name change DOES NOT require you to change any official documents. You can continue to use your new name at all the unofficial places. Let your old name be where it is.
  • Suggested changes in the spelling of name should be done on facebook, instagram, new email id, visiting card & name plate Write your new name spelling at least 51 times daily with green pen & green ink.

Can Numerology help me to know about my future?

  • Numerology can reveal the numbers that are influencing you at any point in your life. past, present and future. The impact of numbers help you to know about yourself. By understanding the impact of these specific numbers. Numerology can draw confusion about the nature of events happening to you and within you at any given time. This confusion helps you to know about your future.

Can Numerology is change my bad luck into a good luck?

  • Numerology is a calculation of numbers by calculating your Date of birth number, Expression numbers, Business numbers etc. You can check the vibration effect on your life. Numerology help you to change negative vibration into positive. Your name activate your birth blueprint either positive or negative. A good name which is compatible with date of birth gives permanent success and remove negativity from life get your current named checked if sets the stage for how easy, or challenging your life is minor change in your name can than your name can than your bad luck or good luck.

Is there any relationship between numerology and religion?

  • No. Numerology is a calculation of number or universal science. Every living being is born on particular date, according to the date of birth its life is going on changing. Numerology is a totally vibration science, it is not religion oriented. Religions are man made coating, but numerology affect the deep root science of the universe. Hence, we can say that there is no relationship between numerology and religion, but all religion peoples are follow numerology for their better life style.

What is the Difference between Astrology and Numerology?

  • It is a very good question, Many people think that numerology and astrology are same but by understanding both theory, here we have answer that astrology and numerology is not fully same neither fully different. In astrology you can not make any alterations, it is like a mirror, you can see your image. but you cannot alter it and in case of numerology, it is like a plastic surgery.
  • In numerology you can get very good lucky results even if you having bad astrological period.

Is Nameology and Numerology is Different?

  • Nameology is analysis about name vibrations based on numerological value. Numerology is finding out which number will be more benefit to you for obtain the lucky result. Numerology is calculation the name number, and on the other hand side numerology is used to calculated all such numbers. So, nameology is not different it is a part of numerology.
  • But, both are benefit and impotent to our life.

What is the use of changing Name as per Numerology?

  • Personal Name is very important in your life. if the personal name is lucky as per numerology you will get good financial growth, popularity and heath if the name is unlucky, then life will be in struggling. So people are changing their name as per the numerology to get luck you can enjoy the successful life through changing your name.

I have already select a name for my baby. Is it possible to correct the Baby name as per Numerology?

If your child is already named but it is not as per the numerology, you can alter or change it at any time. It your baby name is select as per the numerology. Your baby will get the following benefits.

  • Good in memory power.
  • Very good character.
  • Smartly behave.
  • Self confident.
  • Goal Achievement
  • Good Understanding

What will be the result of the babies. If his/her name is not as per the numerology.

If the baby name is unlucky or not selected as per the numerology. Than your baby will get the following bad result.

  • Health problem.
  • Bad character.
  • Loss of memory power.
  • Struggling in life.
  • Low self confidence.
  • Always seeking somebody be help even for a small work.
  • Bad relationship with parents and society.

An unsuitable name number can bring trouble and bad luck in your baby life. Same your baby from struggle by correcting the name spelling.

Here is an application Mirecle number that used to help you to choose a [unique and effective name your baby]. The name will help your baby has all the luck he needs to tackle challenges of the world.

I Doing a business, but it is not healthy can i change the business name?

  • It the existing business name is not as per numerology. Then their is a negative vibration in your business. To avoid heavy losses, you immediately change the name of your business.
  • According to numerology name, date of birth of the business proprietor or partner is very much important.

Is Numerology is about math?

  • Numerology is the calculation of numbers, it means it required only simple mathematics, like addition and subtraction. it Is more about the personalities of each number and how each number traits after the flavor of your life depending on where they appear in your personal numerology.

Can Numerology Determine romantic Compatibility?

  • Yes, It can! Your personal life number reveals the style of your life, thoughts, communication palters and many more. When you compare or calculate the style of each life path number, some numbers work together and affect positive, while others should be avoided. When they affect positively of both the life partner. than by checking their mutual vibration, it is possible to determine the romantic compatibility of both the partners.

To calculate numerology, Do i need to know my birth time?

  • No. you not need to know your birth time, because your birth time does not affect your numerology. Your birth date, number name, the name given to you at birth and the name you currently used are the only factors that play a real into your personal numerology.

How can i know, my own numbers?

  • To calculate the complete theory of numerology, plus explanations of each number, is available through a personalized numerology personality profile. To calculate all numbers by using numerology in the mirecle number application you can get your own number.

Can Numerology is the solution, to my all problems?

  • Yes it is, because like astrology, numerology is also a vart subject. The objective of this site is not to tech numerology in detail, to solve all the problems you need to download the mirecle number repeat. If you are interested you can read to learn numerology concepts. To calculate numerology and the calculation of numbers you can get all the solutions related to your problems.

What are the uses of numerology?

  • Numerology is a universal science, it is based on numbers. It helps in determining a persons personality, lucky numbers and lucky date that should be used to increase the chances of success. It also helps to determine lucky names for business and relationship, marriage compatibility etc.

What is birth numbers?

  • Everyone has a number based on the date of birth that has significant impact on his/her life. That special number you, born on that date is called a birth number. Among all the numbers, the birth number is the most important number, and it obviously can not be changed. Birth number is used to know about persons personality characteristic, nature, behavior etc.

It Birth number is not match with the name number.

  • If birth number is different from name number or it is not match. Than it may be good or bad depending open whether your birth number is strong or not.