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Here, I Nilay Patel will tell you about my talent and passion in words and present myself as an experienced professional numerologist. It can cause surprises through numbers

I will take you to the world of numbers where every problem has a numerical solution, so there is no problem unsolved. Simple numbers can help you to solve the most complex problems.

I have been serving humanity with Numerology since 8 years. It is my passion more than profession, passion to solve problems with numbers, it does not matter whether it is a career related issue or relationships or depression or any other issue.

Numerology solves problems and errors, because it contains scientific computation, mainly consists of 4 pillars. Namely mental numbers, fortune numbers, name numbers and good numbers and their analyzed based research. Because they are connected to numbers and planetary energy.

It is a fact that your birth date has an impact on your life, As we do not have an option of choosing a birth date, so Numerology is your lifeline. You can change your life with the help of numbers.

Numerology will help you fight against negativity, mental stress, persistent failures.

Keeping in mind the impact of points, I am starting a complete numerical guidance and solution for you. Our application is called Mirecle number. It will help you choose the name of the Destiny factor, business name, Infant name and also check whether that name is worthy or not, whether it will bring positivity or not. If it brings positivity than good but, if it fails to bring positivity then how can you change it. All these questions will be answered through numbers. Let small changes make big impact in terms of peace, progress and prosperity! It is all about numbers!

Let the small change create the big impact in terms of peace, progress & prosperity! It is all about Numbers!

Static success is very important, for that Numerological calculation is necessary. Calculating is very easy, and helps to overcome obstacles in your success and happiness.

These are derived from your birth date and name. They are simple to calculate, and act as a snapshot or blueprints of your life, the way you experience your fate is what establishes this stag


MirecleNumber is an Android and IOS app that is based on numerology, MirecleNumber is used to calculate the whole theory of numerology.

There are some features of MirecleNumber.

Test Your Luck Factor

MirecleNumber helps you know your fate factor according to your date of birth.

Test Your Name / Vibration

MirecleNumber helps to check your name if it is lucky for you or not as per your birth date.

Test Your Business Name / Vibration

MirecleNumber helps to check the name of your business too, whether it is lucky or not as per your birth date.

Test Your Mobile Number Vibration

You can also check your mobile number, if it supports your personal and also professional life according to your date of birth, with the help of MirecleNumbers.

Test Your Marriage Compatibility

MirecleNumber also helps in checking the compatibility of your marriage with your partner according to both of your birth dates.

Get Your Lucky Name Correction

If your name is not lucky for you or if it does not support you. We also help you to change your name on the basis of the numerology. With the help of MIRECELE NUMBER, choose a new name that vibrates with your birth date.

Get lucky name suggestions for your new born baby.

When a new baby is born in our house, we all choose a new name for him/her, but we do not know whether that name is lucky for him/her or not.
Choosing the right name is very important, it is the first gift of parents to their child. Now we have a question, how to choose the right or fortune name for your child?

Here is an answer to that. Your childs name and birth date vibrations should match each other. If they wont, then they have to face so many difficulties and problems in life, and the results will be disappointments

MIRECLE NUMBER is an app. Which works on NUMEROLOGY basis and helps you choose the right or fortunate name for your little one. We will help you choose a positive name for your child whose vibration matches his/her birth date exactly. This right match is going to get more success and excellent future in your childs life.

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We are Information Technology Groups which have developed websites, Android apps and iOS applications. As this name suggests with MirecleNumbers. MirecleNumber is used to calculate the whole theory of numbers science.